We track IPv6 and IPv4 accessibility (does DNS return an IP address for the site) and reachability (can the site content be retrieved using the IP address returned by DNS) for a number of web sites, including the top 1 million web sites based on Alexa's ranking. Once included, a site is kept in the list of monitored sites. As a result, the list grows steadily over time as new sites are added. For each monitored site we track various information that is updated after each monitoring round. Next, we describe in more details the data that is kept, how it is broadly organized, and the type of queries that are available to retrieve part or all of the data.

Our data is stored into three main groups: site information, status information, and performance results, that we are allowing you to query against. The site information includes the site's url, top level domain, subdomain, time of discovery (the first time the website was included in a monitoring round), and current rank (1-1,000,000 if ranked or -1 if not currently within the top 1 million)

The second set of information is the status information, which contains data about every site's IPv4 and IPv6 status. Each monitoring period, the IPv4 and IPv6 statuses are checked. If DNS returns a quad-A record for the site, it is considered IPv6 accessible. Those sites that are accessible via both IPv4 and IPv6 are then queried for content and deemed IPv4 and IPv6 reachable if their content can be retrieved. Also included in the status information are the two IP addresses, date of last IPv6 status change, and the times when the site was first deemed accessible for each IP format.

During each monitoring round, performance data is recorded for all monitored sites that are found to be both reachable in IPv6 and IPv4 and that have the same content over both. This data makes up the performance results, including average download speed for IPv4 and IPv6, along with the size of each page and the time of the monitoring.

Query Types

Below, you may make a query on the data. The first section includes some general site filters. You may either choose to use the rank, top level domain (TLD), and subdomain filters or to enter a single IPv4 or IPv6 address. The next section allows the user to choose the type and scope of information they would like returned. Already checked information types will be automatically returned to the user. The user can also apply some additional filters if applicable. Categories with a * are required. Please note that the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are only the most current ones obtained from the last monitoring rounds. Press submit when finished, and you will get a csv file in return. The first row will contain headers to specify the content type of each column. Please not that some queries, particularly with performance results can take up to around 30 seconds to complete.

If status or performance information is selected, there are additional filters. If selecting Accessible, the user would be selecting all sites that are accessible, whether reachable or not. If Reachable is selected, the filter would apply to sites that are reachable and also accessible. If Accesible & Not Reachable is selected, the filter applies to those sites that are only accessible, but not reachable.

Site Filters

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